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What is the Role and Efficacy of Threonine?

Threonine is a very common API, which is widely used in clinical applications. In this article, we will introduce in detail what are the functions and efficacy of threonine.

1. Threonine is a nutritional fortifier

Threonine is a typical fortifying agent, which belongs to the nutritional type of fortifying agent. It can play the role of protecting cell membranes. It is the main raw material for making certain types of antibiotics. Of course, threonine plays an equally important role in the preparation of pastries and dairy products. It can be consumed together with certain substances to make people's bodies stronger and to improve fatigue, and it can also play a role in promoting growth and development.

2. Threonine can be used as animal feed

Nowadays, threonine production is also widely used in feeds, which can accelerate the growth of animals and make their meat more tender. Of course, if there is a lack of threonine in the human body, then the resistance of the human body will be lower, and then the chance of people being infected with certain viruses will be greatly increased. There are various methods of producing threonine on the market, but the most accepted method is fermentation, which produces threonine with higher purity and less labor and material resources.

The important role of threonine in clinical medicine and dairy products

What is the role and efficacy of threonine? Threonine is a raw material drug, which is widely used in clinical medicine. It can play the role of protecting cell membranes. Of course, it also plays an important role in pastry and some dairy products.

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