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What Are the Empirical Effects of Tryptophan?

Ⅰ. Tryptophan is helpful in improving sleep quality

Sleep is essential for maintianing the health of the immune system, refresh oneself and consolidate memory. About 45% adults don't reach the suggested sleeping time - seven to nine hours every night. It is necessary for our health and happiness to achieve enough sleeping time and to get good sleep quality, that is the light sleep incubation - waking up less times and achieving good sleep efficiency. If you need over thirty minutes to fall asleep and wake up more than once during your sleep, or you need more than twenty munites to fall asleep again, your sleep quality is bad. Even you have reached the suggested sleeping time, you will feel tired during the day. Tryptophan essential can help us achieve a good sleep quality.

Ⅱ. Tryptophan is good at relieving depression

Depression is the most prevalent emotional disorders, and its influence range covers different ages, races and socioeconomic backgrounds. And the prevalence rate is about 18%, and its possible symptoms include being down in spirits, losing interest in things, somnipathy, reducing appetite, feeling worthless, inability to concentrate and even having suicidal thoughts. While some chronic diseases and depression have a reciprocal relationship, like diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disease and ache, and all these diseases increased the difficulty of diagnosis and treatment. The introduce of tryptophan essentials has helped patients with depression reduce their pain.

Ⅲ. Tryptophan is beneficial to relieving premenstrual dysphoric disorder

About 80% of women experience mild premenstrual symptoms during their menstrual cycle, with 3% to 8% of them suffering from these severe symptoms (the most significant symptoms are irritability, impulsivity, depression, and carbohydrate cravings), which often severely interfere with work, family, and personal relationships. There are many causes of premenstrual disphoric disorder, and the most relevant is the maladjustment of serotonin and progesterone metabolic system. Tryptophan essential is beneficial to relieving premenstrual dysphoric disorder, helping you keep a positive attitude!

Ⅳ. Tryptophan is good at impulsive behaviour control

Impulsive aggressive behaviours play an important role in many violent and criminal cases, and these behaviours are the main characteristics of borderline personality and antisocial personality. And studies show that neurotransmitter - serotonin has an inhibitory action in the brain, and tryptophan essentials can adjust your emotion and behaviour, and can restain your thoughts of regression. But the abnormal function of serotonin will increase the rate of misconduct.

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