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What are the Advantages of Liquid Glucose Versus Solid Glucose?

1. Comparison of advantages between liquid glucose and solid glucose

Liquid glucose is now used more and more widely. What are the advantages of liquid glucose compared with solid glucose?

(1) Cheaper price

Because the production process is simpler than solid glucose, the liquid glucose price is cheaper.

(2) Convenient transportation

Solid glucose is packed in bags, which is troublesome for loading and unloading, and needs to be carried by workers; The liquid glucose is transported by tank truck. After arriving at the place, it can be pumped into the sewage tank, which saves the labor cost and improves the efficiency.

(3) Safer

Liquid glucose is transported by tank truck, so there is no need to worry about factors such as damp in bad weather.

2. Application of liquid industrial glucose and solid industrial glucose

Industrial glucose includes liquid glucose and solid glucose. Solid glucose is a white block solid with sweet taste. Solid matter ≥ 80%, DE value ≥ 95, so it is called solid industrial glucose. Liquid glucose manufacturing plant divides into high, medium and low conversion syrups according to different DE values. Traditionally, invert syrups with DE values of about 30 are called liquid glucose, among which liquid glucose with DE values of 42 and 48 is the most widely used in industry.

Liquid glucose is widely used in industrial fields. Because of its moderate sweetness, high viscosity and good crystallization resistance, it is also widely used in beverage, candy, brewing, medicine and other industries.

Solid glucose is widely used in sewage treatment, medicine, chemical industry, food, microbial fermentation and other industries. And industrial glucose (cultured industrial glucose) is also known as whole sugar powder or food grade grape sugar powder.

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