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Types of Corn Syrup and How to Make It

Corn syrup is extracted from corn. After a complex refining process, the starch in the corn is converted into a clear liquid syrup, which is corn syrup. Corn syrup contains water and can be used in bakery products. Corn syrup can also avoid crystallization in high-sugar products such as frosting and jelly, and is often used for fruit soaked in sugar water.

1. The types of corn syrup

(1) High maltose syrup system

The maltose-based syrup is made of high-quality corn starch and hydrolyzed by various enzymes. The product is a colorless, transparent and viscous liquid with a clear, transparent texture, mild and pure taste, low sweetness, and malt. It has many advantages such as high cooking temperature, low freezing point, and anti-crystallization. Corn syrup food is often used in jams and jelly to prevent the crystallization of sugar. High malt has good expandability, so it is also widely used in bread, cakes, beer, and also widely used in candy and beverages, food preparation, frozen food, condiments and other fields. In addition, high maltose syrup does not depend on the metabolism of human pancreatic islets, the blood sugar rises slowly, and the calorie is low, which has certain health care functions for patients with cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity.

(2) Oral glucose system

Using corn starch milk as raw material, it is converted into glucose by double enzymatic method, and then purified by processes such as slag removal, decolorization, ion exchange resin desalination, etc., and then concentrated, crystallized, separated, dehydrated and dried.

Ⅱ. The method of making corn syrup

To make corn syrup from corn, the first step is to remove the corn germ and bran, that is, to process the corn into corn ballast.

(1) Soaking: Soak the corn ballast for 12 to 24 hours to make it soaked in water to facilitate grinding.

(2) Refining: Add malt and amylase at the same time of refining. The amount of malt is 2%-5%. Amylase is used according to the instructions according to the different activity units.

(3) Saccharification: The process of saccharification of corn syrup is a heating process. While heating, it should be stirred intermittently to make the material heated evenly until it reaches the boiling point. The whole process takes about 2 hours.

(4) Cooling: The purpose of cooling is to carry out the second saccharification. It is necessary to know that the vitality of the malt is limited by the temperature. When the product temperature of the material drops to about 60℃, the malt should be put into the pulp, and the dosage should be 1.5%~3%, and then keep warm for 3 to 5 hours.

(5) Filtration: Of course, filtration is to separate the syrup. The filtration is carried out at high temperature. First, boil the material, and then use gauze to separate the syrup. Of course, it is more ideal to use a filtering device.

(6) Boiling: Boiling is to evaporate excess water and achieve the concentration you want according to your needs.

Corn syrup is not suitable for long-term boiling, which will increase the formation of reducing sugar, and long-term boiling will also darken the color of the syrup and affect the quality.

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