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Tips and Precautions for Choosing and Buying Fluidized Dryer

1. Factors to be considered when selecting fluidized dryer

(1) Material properties and drying characteristics

They Include material form (flake, fibrous, granular, liquid, paste, etc.), physical properties (density, particle size distribution, adhesion), drying characteristics (heat sensitivity, deformation, cracking, etc.), combination mode of material and water, etc.

(2) Quality requirements and production capacity of dry products

They include special requirements for dry products, such as maintaining the unique flavor and hygiene requirements of the product; With different production capacity, fluid bed equipment is also different.

(3) Fluctuation of moisture content of wet materials and dehydration before drying

Try to avoid large fluctuations in the moisture content of the wet materials supplied to the fluidized dryer, because the fluctuations in the moisture content not only make the operation difficult to control and affect the product quality, but also affect the thermal efficiency. For materials with high moisture content, it is necessary to dehydrate them mechanically before drying as much as possible to reduce the heat load of dehumidification of the dryer. The operation cost of mechanical dehydration is much lower than that of drying.

(4) The fluid bed equipment has convenient operation and good working conditions.

(5)The appropriate external conditions of the plant area are weather, heat source and site, and should adapt to local conditions.

2. Maintenance of fluidized dryer

The cleaning of external equipment of fluidized dryer is relatively simple, as long as it is cleaned and maintained regularly. For the cleaning of aggregate in the drying tower, open the cleaning door, sweep the bottom aggregate funnel with a long broom, open the discharge valve and wash the tower with tap water. For the removal of dust in the cyclone separator, it is also necessary to open the cyclone separator, clean the aggregate with a broom, and flush with water if necessary. For the cleaning of bag filter, open the control switch, knock continuously, then open the cleaning door, knock the bag filter, and finally replace the filter bag. For the cleaning of slurry pipeline system, open the blowdown valve of two-way filter, clean the filter screen and pipeline, then open the feed pump, replace the material with water, and clean the pump pipe, pressure stabilizing package and pipeline.

3. Precautions for fluidized dryer

(1) Each shift shall check whether the main body and auxiliary equipment of fluid bed equipment are abnormal. Check whether the set bolts are loose.

(2) Clean the outside of the equipment after the drying of each shift to ensure that the fluidized dryer is clean, free of dust, oil stain and dirt. When cleaning, cut off the power supply.

(3) Clean the inside of the equipment according to the process requirements, and test according to the technical requirements after cleaning.

(4) Each shift shall clean the materials in the cyclone induced draft fan as required, and replace the spray water in the water tank every week.

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