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The Role of Lysine in Animal Feed

Lysine is not only an essential amino acid for the human body, but also one of the essential amino acids for animals. It is an important part of protein synthesis. Although plant protein contains a small amount of lysine, it cannot meet the needs of animals. Add an appropriate amount of lysine to animal feed is conducive to the healthy growth of animals. Therefore, what are the specific roles of lysine in animal feed?

1. The importance of lysine in animal feed

At present, most of the feeds in pig farms are corn-soybean basal feed, but the amino acids contained in corn and soybean meal cannot meet the needs of pigs, and the lack of essential amino acids will lead to the reduction of the protein synthesis in pigs, which causes a series of problems related to protein metabolism and related enzyme synthesis  in the body. The main manifestation is growth retardation and even metabolic diseases. Therefore, it is very necessary to add lysine to the feed.

2. Lysine protein can enable animals to gain weight

On the whole, lysine has the functions of meeting animal needs, promoting animal growth, improving amino acid balance, improving the utilization rate of feed, and saving protein resources. The significant protein deposition effect of lysine makes the same feed have a more significant effect on the weight gain of animals, so it can save some breeding costs.

3. The role of lysine in fish farming

(1) Lysine can not only improve the utilization rate of feed, but also increase the immunity of fish and improve the disease resistance of fish in fish breeding, which also helps to reduce the risk of breeding.

(2) In fish farming, lysine has a more obvious effect on increasing fish's food intake. This is mainly because lysine has a significant effect on improving the function of fish intestinal digestive enzymes, and digestive enzymes are substances with unique functions in the digestion process. The animal digestion is closely related to the activity of digestive enzymes in the digestive tract. Moreover, in pig breeding, lysine can also use its own substance to detoxify toxic substances or drugs by methylation.

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