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The Key to Centrifuge Technology of Centrifuge Machines

The key to centrifugation is how to confirm the settings of centrifugal force, speed and centrifugation time according to the properties of sample particles and media and the technical parameters of the rotor. The rate of settling or segregation of particles (collectively referred to as cells, organelles, and macromolecules) depends on centrifugal force, particle size, shape, and density, and the density and viscosity of the settling medium. According to the application, speed and functional configuration, several commonly used centrifuges can be used: medical centrifuge, laboratory centrifuge, cosmetic centrifuge, PRP centrifuge, high-speed centrifuge, low-speed centrifuge, high-speed refrigerated centrifuge, low-speed refrigerated centrifuge Centrifuges, etc., centrifuges with different speeds produce different centrifugal forces, and different centrifugal forces are used.

Choosing the right centrifuge can not only solve production problems, improve work efficiency, but also save production costs and reduce operational risks. The main factors affecting the selection are as follows.

1. The speed of the centrifuge

Generally, the centrifuge should be higher than 3000 rpm. The higher the speed, the higher the separation coefficient of the centrifuge and the better the separation effect.

2. Information about the centrifuge

Different materials have different physical and chemical properties, such as wear and corrosion resistance. Exotic centrifuges usually have a low material of 316L or duplex stainless steel, and the abrasive component must be made of ceramic composite materials.

3. Differential control of centrifuge

Different differentials have different control accuracy, and the difference between life expectancy and maintenance cost is very large. The higher the differential accuracy, the better the adaptability to the data. Therefore, it is best to use devices with high differential accuracy.

4. Centrifuge aspect ratio

The larger the aspect ratio of the centrifuge, the greater the processing capacity and the lower the moisture content.

5. Centrifuge control system

Whether it is automatic programming control, at present, domestic and foreign equipment manufacturers have basically completed the fully automatic control of equipment.

6. Installed power of the centrifuge

Energy consumption control is affected, the energy consumption ratio of equipment is high, and the energy consumption ratio of foreign countries is low.

7. Centrifuge processing and production process

Centrifuges are separation equipment required for high-precision processing. The products produced by the enterprise have no finishing ability, high maintenance rate and limited processing ability.

An important indicator of centrifuge separation performance is the separation factor. It expresses the ratio of the centrifugal force to the gravity of the separated material in the drum. The larger the separation factor, the faster the separation is generally, and the better the separation effect. The separation coefficient of industrial centrifuges is generally 100~20000, and the separation coefficient of ultra-high-speed tubular separators can be as high as 62000. Another factor is to confirm that the processing capacity of the centrifuge is the working area of the drum, which also has a large processing capacity.

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