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Membrane Filter System

  • Membrane Filter System

Here is the membrane filtration method principle: membrane filtration systems under certain pressure, when the original fluid flow through the membrane surface, the water, and small molecules go through the membrane surface with many tiny pores allow only, then passed and become the dialysate. The bigger volume substance which is greater than the membrane surface micro aperture is trapped in the liquid side of the membrane filter system and becomes the concentrate. Thus achieve the purpose of separation and concentrate of the raw material.

According to the membrane filtration pore size, different types of filtration membranes equipment can be divided into microfiltration membrane filter (HVD-MF-Q), ultrafiltration membrane filter (HVD-UF-Q), nanofiltration membrane filter (HVD-NF-Q), reverse osmosis membrane filter (HVD-RO-Q), etc. The crossflow filtration method is used for membrane separation. According to the membrane filtration method principle, membrane filtration equipment can be divided into membrane filtration method in microbiology, membrane filtration method for water testing treatment and membrane filtration assembly for microbiology.

HVD-MF-Q Microfiltration membrane filter:
is a kind of static pressure difference as the driving force, using the sieving effect of membrane filtration separation technology, one of the characteristics of microfiltration membrane is one of the neat, uniform porous structure design, under the effect of static pressure difference, the particles less than the film hole will pass the filter film. And the larger particles than the film hole are intercepted on the surface of the membrane filter, so as to realize effective separation. In addition, the microfiltration membrane is a homogeneous porous membrane with a thickness of 90--150um. Filtered particle size is between 0.025 - 10um, and the operating press is 0.01 -- 0.2MPa.

The application of HVD-MF-Q microfiltration membrane filter is mainly in membrane filtration sterilization and clarification in the pharmaceutical industry, membrane filtration process in water treatment for integrated circuit production in the electronic industry, etc. In addition, membrane filtration has been widely used in in wastewater treatment before municipal sewage treatment and wastewater treatment.

HVD-UF-Q Ultrafiltration membrane filter: When the solution containing small molecules passes through the supported membrane surface under certain pressure, the solvent and small solute will pass through the membrane, while the large molecules are intercepted and recycled as concentrate. The diameter of the ultrafiltration membrane filter is between 5--10nm, and the operating pressure is between 0.1-0.25MPa.

HVD-UF-Q ultrafiltration membrane filter is mainly used in food, beverage processing, pharmaceutical industry, biological preparations, traditional Chinese medicine preparations, clinical medicine, printing and dyeing wastewater, food industrial wastewater treatment, resource recovery, environmental engineering, and many other fields.

HVD-NF-Q Nanofiltration membrane filter: It is a membrane separation technology developed on the basis of reverse osmosis. The intercepted filter pore size of the nanofiltration membrane is generally between 0.1-1nm. The operating press is between 0.5-1MPa. And the intercepted molecular weight is 200-1000. It has good separation performance for small organic molecules with a molecular weight of hundreds in water.

HVD-NF-Q Nanofiltration membrane filter is mainly used in the food industry, beverage industry, biological medicine, organic acid preparation, fine chemical industry, environmental protection industry, and so on.

HVD-RO-Q Reverse osmosis membrane filter: It is also called high filtration which is a reverse process of infiltration. By adding a higher pressure than osmotic pressure to one side of the filtered liquid, the solvent in the original solution is compressed to the other side of the semi-permeable membrane. The filtration diameter of the reverse osmosis membrane is between 0.2-1.0nm, and the operating pressure is between 1-10MPa.

HVD-RO-Q Reverse osmosis membrane filter is mainly used in the food and beverage industry to prepare drinking water, pure water, ultrapure water, desalination of seawater, babyish water, water for power, electronics, semiconductor industry, pharmaceutical industry, preparation, injection, sterile non-heat source pure water, industrial process water, boiler water, and cooling water, etc.

Features of Membrane Filter System

  • Intelligent control, stable running, and low failure rate.

  • Easy operation and convenient maintenance.

  • Compact structure and reasonable configuration.

  • High production capacity.

HongVadar relies on professional membrane filtration technology, strict production management, the fine processing procedure, provides high efficiency and energy-saving

membrane filter unit at a lower filter membrane cost for the customer. The manufacturing factory has passed the international ISO9001 quality system certification, and with the design and manufacturing capacity of pressure vessels. If you want to buy membrane filter, you can choose international ISO, EU CE, and other standards for equipment design and production according to their needs.

Membrane Filter System Technical Parameter


Feed DS, %

Feed capacity, m3/h

Filtering area, m2

Working temp. ℃

F55 output capacity, tpy











































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