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Disc Separator

  • Disc Separator

In the starch separation process, HVD-SP-P series high speed starch disc separator produces very high centrifugal force due to high speed rotation, which improves the separation efficiency and maximizes the production efficiency. High speed starch disc separator has the advantages of all kinds of separator, small vibration, large handling capacity and stable operation. It is mainly used in pre-concentration of starch, separation of starch and gluten, concentration of gluten (protein) and clarification of water in the process.

Disc Separator Features

  • Large rotary drum diameter, large disc area, strong processing (separation) ability, good separation effect:

  • Using the upper suspension drive, so that the high speed starch disc separator has a high degree of rotation stability, and greatly improved the service life of the bearing and spindle;

  • Automatic control of lubricating oil circuit is adopted to protect the driving system and extend the service life of the driving system;

  • Large nozzle is adopted to ensure the continuity of production with large feeding capacity and small blocking opportunity:

  • Equipped with a drum lifting hydraulic system, which makes high speed starch disc separator more convenient to overhaul the drum and replace the nozzle;

  • The drum is made of imported high-strength corrosion-resistant stainless steel, which ensures the safety and stable operation of the high speed starch disc separator ;

  • The high speed starch disc separator can be started without load;

  • Can handle materials of various concentrations without internal adjustment;

  • The high speed starch disc separator has an internal circulation system to keep the separation stable and facilitate accurate adjustment and control.

  • Simple operation, operators can quickly master the operating procedures.

Disc Seperator Technical Parameters

ModelCapacity (T/H)Drum speed (rpm)Power (Kw)Weight (kg)Overall dimension L×W×H (mm)
HVD-SP445-P3020-354500- 52003014001284×1407×1457
HVD-SP600-P75/5530-602850- 480075/5535002000×1000×2050
HVD-SP800-P132/11022-1152750- 3300132/11078002800×1500×2200
HVD-SP935-P250/22045-2252250- 3050250/220110003200×1800×3100

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