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  • Centrifuge

HVD-TCF-P is an automated upper suspension centrifuge device with mechanical unloading. All parts contact with the material and water, steam pipeline is made of stainless steel or corrosion resistant materials, to ensure the cleanliness of the separated products. Using pneumatic mechanical scraper discharge, centrifuge instrument makes unloading safe and reliable and suitable for separating suspension containing medium and fine particles crystal. If you want to buy commercial centrifuge, Hongvadar is the best choice for you as one of the qualified centrifuge companies.

Centrifuge Application

HVD-TCF-P automated upper suspension centrifuge is mainly used for centrifuge dewatering of a saccharide in sugar industry, but also for the separation of solid and liquid of the B saccharide, grape saccharide or similar crystal materials with high viscosity and high concentration. Centrifugation in food processing is really common.

Centrifuge Main Advantages

  • Automatic control to ensure the separation effect;

  • Stepless speed regulation;

  • Wide speed range;

  • Large starting and braking torque;

  • Good low speed centrifuge capacity;

Centrifuge Technical Parameters

Drum inner dia. mmφ1348φ1600
Max. drum rotary speed, rpm14101100
Max. separation factor15001083
Drum effective volume, L7781089
Max. material loading qty. kg13001750
Power, kW90110
Overall dimension, mm2420×1910×48202240×2160×5100
Weight, kg90009500

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