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Bundle Dryer

  • Tube Bundle Dryer

HVD-BD-P series rotary steam tube bundle dryer system is an indirect contact dryer. Its structure is the transmission of heating tube bundle equipment with shovels fixed in the shell inside. The steam enters into the pipe through the rotary joint and transfers to condensed water to be discharged. The water in the material is heated outside the pipe and turned into steam to be discharged by the fan. The material is lifted by the material shovels that are driven inside the tube bundle, falls evenly on the outer surface of the heating pipe, and is dried from the inlet end to the outlet end by the material shovel pushed.

Rotary steam tube bundle dryer is widely used for drying loose wet materials in chemical, light industries, food, and feed industries.

Wide range of drying materials, large moisture evaporation, low energy consumption, and continuous production of rotary steam tube bundle dryer.

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