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Arc Screen

Gravity Arc Screen

HVD-AS-G series gravity arc screen is a new type of efficient static screening equipment. The screen surface is made of stainless steel wedge with a certain arc shape. It can be used in a large amount of wet material screening occasions, for the separation, screening, dehydration, washing, extraction of various materials, solids and impurities removal, etc. The separation of coarse and fine residues (fibers), such as corn dehydration, germ dehydration, and washing is widely used in the starch industry, which is the most ideal and important equipment in the starch industry.

The equipment has the characteristics of large production capacity, good screening effect, safe and reliable use, the screen surface is not easy to caulk, long service life, reasonable structure, and so on.

Pressure Arc Screen

HVD-AS-P series pressure arc screen is a kind of high-efficiency screen that depends on pressure to screen wet materials. It is composed of the screen surface, screen box, feeding device, and discharge port, etc. The screen surface is the key part of the pressure arc screen, which is assembled by the stainless steel-shaped screening bar. When working, the wet material with 0.2-0.4 MPa pressure from the nozzle, the tangential force generated by the high feed injection speed, the triangular shape is woven into the edge, so that the thin layer material wipe scrape into, which make water and fine material evenly dispersed. The so-called "scrape" role, is to make the material easy to classify, and the entire screen surface gets the indispensable self-cleaning. Oversize material discharge from the pot of the oversize material. And the screen underflow goes into the pulp out of the mouth.

Arc Screen Technical Parameter

Gravity Arc Screen Technical Parameters

HVD-AS-G series gravity arc screen

ModelScreen surface arc angle / (°)Screen surface width / mmScreen surface length / mmScreen surface area / m2

Pressure Arc Screen Technical Parameters

HVD-AS-P series pressure arc screen

ModelScreen surface length / mmScreen surface width / mmMaterial pres. / MPaScreen suture / um

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