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Agricultural and Sideline Products Processing Equipment

Fluid Bed Dryer System Fluid Bed Dryer System
  • Fixed fluidized bed dryer effectively reduces the dust leakage in the soft connection part of agricultural food processing, improves the production environment, reduces the equipment failure rate, and reduces the civil construction investment.

  • High efficiency. First-in-first-out, effective prevention and control of product color difference.

Spray Granulation Fluidized Bed Drying System Spray Granulation Fluidized Bed Drying System
  • High density, uniform moisture, high strength, good sphericity, not easy to absorb moisture, good fluidity, and other characteristics of dry products.

  • No dust, no peculiar smell, vacuum operation, and clean site environment during granulation and drying process of agricultural food production process. 

  • Energy recycling and utilization, low energy consumption.

Continuous Evaporative Crystallization System Continuous Evaporative Crystallization System
  • Suitable for the products in farm produce processing with general requirements on crystal shape and size, and with high concentration discharging.

  • Various evaporative crystallization systems can be designed according to the characteristics of materials and the evaporation capacity.

  • Continuous feed, continuous discharge.

  • Relatively low temp. evaporation, fast evaporation speed, high evaporation concentration, and the relatively high viscosity of the liquid material are not easy to scale or block, which can achieve the maximum crystal ratio under the same energy consumption.

Rotary Vacuum Filter Rotary Vacuum Filter
  • Personalized design to meet the needs of different customers;

  • High production capacity, low wet of filter cake, easy to unload;

  • Continuous automaticand simple operation in agricultural products processing and storage;

  • The high clarity of filtrate and high recovery rate of materials .

Evaporator System Evaporator System
  • Running stably, highly efficient and energy-saving & low steam consumption.

  • High concentration ratio in food processing of agricultural products

  • Low evaporation temp, suitable for the concentration of heat-sensitive materials.

  • High separation effect and greater flexible operation

Arc Screen Arc Screen
  • High production capacity

  • Good screening effect

  • Safe and reliable use

  • Compact structure and reasonable configuration

Bundle Dryer Bundle Dryer
  • Wide range of drying materials

  • Large moisture evaporation

  • Low energy consumption

  • Easy operation and convenient maintenance

Air Dryer System Air Dryer System
  • High heat transfer coefficient, can continuously dry large number of materials.

  • Fast drying speed, good material quality.

  • Energy saving and low consumption in processing of agricultural produce

  • Easy operation, small area needed, and low investment.

Desand Cyclone and Germ Cyclone Desand Cyclone and Germ Cyclone
  • Advanced design

  • Easy installation

  • Large production capacity range

  • Compact structure and reasonable configuration

Squeezer & Extruder Squeezer & Extruder
  • Continuous production with high dehydration efficiency in processing of farm produce

  • Simple structure, easy to use and maintain.

  • Compact structure, small floor space, and convenient transportation.

  • Stable running and low failure rate.

Degerminator/Degerm Mill Degerminator/Degerm Mill
  • Good grinding effect.

  • Stable running and low failure rate.

  • Easy operation and convenient maintenance.

  • Compact structure and reasonable configuration.

Pin/Needle Mill Pin/Needle Mill
  • Good milling effect.

  • Compact structure and reasonable configuration.

  • Short process route.

  • Large production capacity.

12-stage Hydrocyclone System 12-stage Hydrocyclone System
  • Good washing and refinery effect.

  • Stable running and low failure rate.

  • Easy operation and convenient maintenance.

  • High production capacity.

Peeler Centrifuge Peeler Centrifuge
  • Fully automatic operation with low manual labor intensity;

  • Each actuator adopts a hydraulic system for automatic control, stable and reliable operation;

  • Electric adopts PLC control, accurate movement, convenient adjustment;

  • Drive-by VFD or hydraulic coupler, smooth start and stop.

Disc Separator Disc Separator
  • Large rotary drum diameter, large disc area, strong processing (separation) ability, the good separation effect;

  • Using the upper suspension drive, so that the separator has a high degree of rotation stability, and greatly improved the service life of the bearing and spindle;

  • Automatic control of lubricating oil circuit is adopted to protect the driving system and extend the service life of the driving system;

Liquefaction System Liquefaction System
  • High efficiency and high conversion rate.

  • Automatic intelligent control, stable production and low labor cost.

  • Better flocculation effect of the protein, which is conducive to the subsequent process and the separation of the protein in crop process engineering.

  • Easy operation and convenient maintenance.

Saccharification System Saccharification System
  • High saccharification efficiency.

  • Automatic intelligent control, not easy to stain.

  • Accurate saccharification, not easy to produce other miscellaneous sugars in  crop production processing.

  • Taking side agitator, low energy consumption, even mixing and good mixing effect.

Full Automatic Intelligent Ion Exchange System Full Automatic Intelligent Ion Exchange System
  • Serial column desorption, low concentration to push high concentration, solves the problem of washing water strip.

  • Column regeneration makes the regenerator fully utilized and reduces the consumption of the regenerator.

  • Column washing reduces the amount of washing water and reduces the discharge qty. of sewage.

Chromatography System Chromatography System
  • High purity product, stable running and low failure rate.

  • Best separation effect and high production yield.

  • Low water consumption and low energy consumption.

  • Automatic intelligent control with low labor cost.

Membrane Filter System Membrane Filter System
  • Intelligent control, stable running and low failure rate.

  • Easy operation and convenient maintenance.

  • Compact structure and reasonable configuration.

  • High production capacity.

Isomerization System Isomerization System
  • Easy to install and save equipment compared with traditional equipment.

  • High operation accuracy, high speed and high efficiency. Use control instrument for operation control to ensure accurate and high quality products.

  • PLC operation is convenient and production is stable.

  • High production capacity.

Spray Dryer System Spray Dryer System
  • Fast drying speed, only a few seconds to complete.

  • Suitable for drying heat-sensitive materials.

  • Wide range of use.

  • Simplified production process and easy operation & control.

Crystallizer Crystallizer
  • Horizontal Crystallizer.

  • The transmission device has a compact structure, stable operation, high efficiency, and low noise.

  • Reliable mechanical seal, shortstop time.

  • The small gap between the spiral belt and the barrel body, uniform stirring, not blocked.

  • Stainless steel inner cylinder, corrosion resistance, long service life.

Centrifuge Centrifuge
  • Automatic control to ensure the separation effect.

  • Stepless speed regulation.

  • Wide speed range.

  • Large starting and braking torque.

Filter Press Filter Press
  • The upper part of the main beam is covered with 304 stainless steel, which can effectively reduce the friction resistance between the filter plate and the main beam and reduce the working strength;

  • Filter plate adopts new raw materials and formula, high pressure molding, high strength, high working pres, high filtration efficiency, no blocking, no breaking plate, with high strength, light weight, high temp. resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, non-toxic, tasteless and other characteristics;

  • Equipped with a variety of safety devices to ensure the safety of operators, simple operation, convenient maintenance;

  • It optional equipped with PLC control, automatic plate shifting, automatic unloading, automatic drip tray, diaphragm pressing, open flow or dark flow, washing/blowing mode, high temp. resistance of filter board, etc.