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MSG Production Line

  • MSG Production Process

MSG Production Process Introduction

MSG Project Introduction

MSG Process Descrption

  • Liquefaction and saccharification

    The starch or starch milk is from the corn starch production line. After adjusting the concentration, PH value, it is sent to the jet cooker and liquefaction column for the liquefaction with the suitable enzyme adding. Then it is sent to the saccharification section after adjusting the PH value to get the suitable DE value for the fermentation. After that, it will be sent to the fermentation section.

  • Fermentation

    The formation strain of monosodium glutamate production is the glutamic acid bacteria with directional mutation breeding. Usually, the strain expanding cultivation in turn divided into three steps, such as slope cultivation, seed cultivation and the last fermentation. 

  • Evaporation

    The fermentation liquid enters the evaporator. Under the vacuum condition, the water is heated by steam and turns into secondary steam. 

  • Isoelectric & cooling

    The concentrated fermentation liquid is added with sulfuric acid and hydrolysate to adjust the pH value to reach the isoelectric value of glutamic acid. According to the different solubility at different temperatures, the cooling system in the storage tank is used to reduce the temperature of the material to crystal precipitation.

  • Separation

    Take the decanter to separate the isoelectric liquid. The primary mother liquor was transported to the compound fertilizer workshop to produce the compound fertilizer products. The secondary mother liquor was evaporated and concentrated. The hydrolysate produced was used for the concentrated fermentation liquid.

  • Crystall transformation&cooling

    After the separation and PH adjusting, the material is transported to the crystallization tank for steam heating to achieve the purpose of crystallization.

  • Separation

    The crystallized crystal slurry is horizontally arranged on the filter medium through the medium of filter cloth to realize solid-liquid separation.

  • Neutralization

    A neutralization reaction is a kind of double decomposition reaction in the chemical reaction, which refers to the reaction in which acid and base exchange components with each other to produce salt and water. 

  • Decolorization

    Decolorization is the process of water treatment to remove the color from the material by adding the active carbon.

  • Filtration

    The decolorized material enters the filter. The activated carbon in the material is filtered out and the filtrate enters the carbon column for decolorization and refinery again.

  • Evaporative crystallization

    The material is fed into the evaporator after decolorizing by the carbon column for evaporation. After the material reaches a certain concentration, according to the different solubility, crystal particles continuous precipitation to form the certain concentration of crystal slurry. 

  • Separation

    The crystal slurry is evenly distributed to the drum through the distributor of the separator. The liquid part moves in a circle with the drum. The crystal monosodium glutamate (MSG) with very low water content was obtained by the filter cake under the greater centrifugal force.

  • Drying

    The separated crystals enter the air drying system for drying. The heated air flows quickly in the pipeline, and the MSG crystals enter the pipeline and are run to the outlet of the pipeline by the high-speed air flow. 

  • Sieving

    The dried monosodium glutamate is divided into various granularity with different aperture sieve to obtain different specifications of monosodium glutamate products.

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