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Maltodextrin Plant

  • Maltodextrin Plant
The maltodextrin production line provided by Hongvadar takes starch as raw material, and is converted by enzymatic process controlled hydrolysis. The product quality is equivalent to Cargill, COFCO, etc.

Maltodextrine Project Introduction

Maltodextrine Project Introduction

Maltodextrin Plant Process Description

  • Starch slurry adjusting

    The commercial starch is sent to the starch resolving tank first, then to the starch slurry adjusting tank by the pump to monitor the flowrate of starch slurry, DS, PH, and enzyme feeding qty. On line, then to the jet cooker by a centrifugal pump.

  • Jet cooking & liquefaction

    Adopt twice jet cooking, three times flashing cooling technology. Control the suitable jet cooking temp, maintaining time to get the best liquefaction effect.

  • Filtration section

    After liquefaction, the material is sent to a filter to remove the insoluble protein and other solid residues, which can be used as animal feed after drying.

  • Ion exchange

    The ion exchange function of cation and anion resin can remove the impurity ion of the maltose. And also, the resin has the absorption function of pigments and macromolecules which can remove the pigments, odor and salt (organic and inorganic salt) of the product through the I.E. system. 

  • Refinery

    After I.E., the pre-positioned refinery resin of refinery system can remove the odor and purify the maltodextrine further and improve the product quality through the refinery system.

  • Deodorization

    Use the deodorization system to the door of the maltodextrin can remove the protein, fat and small amount of pigment in the product effectively and deeply, as well as the taste produced by I.E. and refinery section to improve the transmittance of the final product, improve the maltodextrin taste and prolong the preservation time of maltodextrin, etc.

  • Evaporation

    The multi-effect falling film evaporation system is adopted. The advanced performance of the device is high concentration ratio, stable product concentration, steam saving. 

  • Spray drying

    The concentrated maltodextrin liquid is sent to the drying chamber by high pres. pump to contact with the hot air where it is dried with the required moisture content. The product is in white powder which is highly soluble in water and transparent.

  • Packing

    The finished products can be packed in double food plastic bags or double kraft paper bags with a moistureproof layer.

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