Beijing Hongvadar Engineering Technology Co.
Beijing Hongvadar Engineering Technology Co.

HongVadar has rich experience in design, equipment supply, installation, commissioning and production experience for lysine, tryptophan, threonine, etc. Fermentation project and all starch, glucose and all the starch derivatives production line with high performance, quality and stability. 


Lysine Production Line Lysine Production Line
  • Different quality lysine production; 

  • Intelligent control, convenient adjustment, and reliable running. 

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Threonine Production Line Threonine Production Line
  • Compact and reasonable layout; 

  • 3D design; 

  • High rate of return;

  • Easy operation.

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Tryptophan Production Line Tryptophan Production Line
  • Advanced direct fermentation technology;

  • High-quality product with low energy consumption.

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Valine / Leucine / Isoleucine Production Plant Valine / Leucine / Isoleucine Production Plant
  • Both feed grade and food grade valine production;

  • Advanced technology and high-performance product;

  • High efficiency and low operating cost.

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MSG Production Line MSG Production Line
  • Easy operation and high rate of return;

  • Advanced technology, economic and reasonable layout;

  • High efficiency, high automatic control, and high performance.

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Citric Acid Plant Citric Acid Plant
  • Citric acid monohydrate and anhydrous citric acid production;

  • Reasonable layout and low floor area needed;

  • High production yield and high-performance product.

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Crystalline Sorbitol Production Line Crystalline Sorbitol Production Line
  • Rational layout;

  • Low input and high yield;

  • Optimized production process.

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Corn Starch Production Plant Corn Starch Production Plant
  • Mature production process, heat recovery and utilization to reduce the energy consumption; 

  • Capacity diversified, from small scale to huge capacity production.

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Maltose & Glucose Production Line Maltose &  Glucose Production Line
  • Intelligent control;

  • Advanced process and low investment;

  • High-performance food-grade rice protein production.

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Rice Glucose Production Line Rice Glucose Production Line
  • Product diversification;

  • Automatic control and simple operation;

  • Reliable product quality.

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Maltodextrin Plant Maltodextrin Plant
  • High performance product quality equal to Cargill, COFCO, etc.

  • Full automatic control and low running cost. 

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Fructose Production Line Fructose Production Line
  • F42, F55, F90, and crystalline fructose production;

  • Coca Cola standard quality;

  • Intelligent control with "one-button start".

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DMH Production Line DMH Production Line
  • Advanced continuous crystallization process;

  • Saves capital construction invest; 

  • High crystallization yield and steady product quality.

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Sorbitol Production Line Sorbitol Production Line
  • High reaction efficiency;

  • Pharmaceutical grade daily used and food-grade liquid sorbitol production;

  • Tableting chewing gum grade crystalline sorbitol production.

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